Provisional program

Program at a glance


Please note that this is only a preliminary program and the order of the topics could be subject to a change.


Monday 31 May


Opening session


Parallel sessions 1


Growth and Photosynthesis I                            Quality I            Plant Factories and Growth Chambers


Parallel sessions 2


Growth and Photosynthesis II                            Quality II


Tuesday 1 June


Parallel sessions 3


Quality III                                                               Technology I                               Production Systems I


Parallel sessions 4


Growth and Photosynthesis III                          Plant Protection                         Production Systems II


Parallel sessions 5


Growth and Photosynthesis IV                          System Efficiency I



Tuesday 2 June


Parallel sessions 6


Quality IV                                                               Technology II                              System Efficiency II


Parallel sessions 6


Quality V                                                                 Technology II                              System Efficiency II


Parallel sessions 7


Quality V                                                                Measuring and modelling        Quality IV


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Conference dates: May 31 - June 2, 2021
Abstract submission deadline: December 20
Abstract modification deadline: December 31